OAQHE Newsletter


June 2021

Third Issue - June 2021


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What makes an Effective Governing Board? 3 Main Lessons Learnt Over 15 Years of Interacting with Board Members

  • Dr. Samya Al Shanfari

  • Executive Director of Quality and Institutional Performance

  • Muscat University

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From the Covid-19 Shock to a Risk Management and Preparedness Culture in Higher Education Institutions

  • Dr Holi Ibrahim Holi Ali

  • University of Technology & Applied Sciences, Rustaq

    Department of English Language & Literature (ELL)

    Email: Holi.ibrahim.rus@cas.edu.om 

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Creating an international learning experience in Higher Education Institutions: The case of COIL

  • Dr. Smitha Sunil Kumaran Nair

    Head, Centre for Postgraduate Studies

    Middle East College, Knowledge Oasis Muscat, Sultanate of Oman


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Recent Paradigm shift to Online Learning – A Challenge and an Opportunity to work on a comprehensive Quality Management System.

  • Dr. Syed Ziaur Rahman B. Tech, M. Tech, PhD

    University of Technology and Applied Sciences

    Faculty – Department of Information Technology and QA Expert

    Ex-HOD, Department of Scientific Research

    Ibri College of Applied Sciences Campus,

    Sultanate of Oman. 

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  • Dr. Basim A. Khidhir

    Associated Professor

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering,

  • Middle East College, Muscat,

    Sultanate of Oman. 

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Beyond COVID-19 crisis: Towards resilient education systems.

  • Dr. Reem Abdullah Al-Alawi, PhD, MSN, RN

  • Assistant Tutor,

  • Directorate of Quality, Oman College of Health Sciences

  • reemalalawi.ochs@gmail.com

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Quality in Higher Education Institutions

  • Dr. Musallam Al Ma'ani

  • Associate Professor (Translation)

  • Dean of Al Zahra College for Women